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We have prepared ourselves to guarantee a FLEXIBLE, TRUSTWORTHY, RAPID SERVICE AND OF GREAT QUALITY that allows us to contribute all kinds of solutions, enclosed those more urgent that could be generated during the execution of a work.


With the aim to offer the best service to our clients to the best price, in HIERROS Y MONTAJES we look for solutions thanks to which we influence, directly or indirectly, the final cost of our product, by means of the rationalization and industrialization of the armors.

Our technical equipment, once studied the project, proposes the optimization of the classic Service of Assembly in Work and turns it, as far as possible, into a repetitive process of Industrialization. On the one hand, one makes diminish the term of execution of the work, which is translated directly in a saving in the fixed costs of our clients. On the other hand, there diminishes the quantity of necessary personnel in work, with the consistent economic saving and, in a special way, the probability of work accidents. Thus, the image offered by our clients before the Property turns into a very important assets with a view to future collaborations.






















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