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A long path,


We bet for a constant innovation

HIERROS Y MONTAJES it is a family enterprise founded in 1987, though the path of its founder, DON CÁNDIDO DE LAS HERAS, goes back at the beginning of the 70s. During all this time, the evolution of HIERROS Y MONTAJES has been always increasing and like that it continues being nowadays. For our work and result, we have consolidated ourselves, both in Catalonia and in the rest of Spain, as a company of reference in the sector of the transformation of steel corrugado for reinforced concrete.

In HIERROS Y MONTAJES, directed nowadays by the second generation of the family of Las Heras, we are proud of the excellent human equipment that we form and that, in spite of his youth, possesses already a great accumulated experience. Our signature is profitable and select, and has multitude of means to his scope.

Our central factory in Piera (Barcelona) has of more of 15.000m2 lot, which 8.000 are ships and 800 are conditioned for offices. This new location inaugurated in 2.004, has allowed us to multiply our activity of considerable form.

We have structured ourselves in order to obtain the maximum control and to be able like that to offer the total reliability in all our processes.

We possess a modern system of automated production which machinery gets up-to-date constant to be a day in all technological innovaciones, thanks to which, we reach a great flexibility and rapidity.
We have created, from our experience and of that of professionals of the sector, a modern LOGISTIC PLAN that assures us the attainment of our aims.
Thanks to all this we can carry out more than one hundred of works simultaneously, mobilizing more than one thousand of workers in any place of Spain.


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